Anyone we know?

Cartoon Zoo is something we started in December of 2015. A sketch that I created for a client was not used and I decided to post the drawing on facebook and ask for captions. We had 16 captions on that first cartoon. I was hooked. On a good day, we might see 40 captions. I’ve not gone beyond facebook and Linkedin in sharing the cartoons.

I usually wake up early. Have an idea with the visual, it takes me about 90 minutes, start to finish to create the cartoon. I have no idea what captions you will come up with. It’s fun watching the captions come in. We have a handful of writers that consistently make me smile. Dutch, Ethan, Andrew, Bryan, Paul, Toby, Jeanice and Ashley are some of the heavy hitters. I always appreciate the energy and the support you show with the collaboration. Keep up the great work. I’m grateful.

Cartoon Zoo. Image created on March 6, 2019. Artist: Travis Foster

Cartoon Zoo. Image created on March 6, 2019. Artist: Travis Foster


It's just a name,'s not really *bloody.* ( Bryan Hollister)

Well, yes, I suppose it WOULD qualify as a vegan alternative. (Bryan Hollister)

I only drink certified organic. Are you absolutely sure you know what you're offering me? ( Jo Lynda Watts)

“That’s not Koolaid, is it?” (Ashley Bass Huttinger)

“I thought you were on the wagon and off the human.” (Ashley Bass Huttinger)

Thanks, darling. Anyone we know? (Teri Daniels)

You are really starting to bug me. (Paul Olson)

 "Really, Ralph? You know how after a couple of those drinks your tail gets all lit up!" (Jack Adams)

"One day Marge I tell ya we'll be sipping this bug juice on a border collie" (Jack Adams)

"Friends don't let friends drink and dodge windshields." (Jack Adams)

"How do you know her name was Mary?" (Dutch Vanderpool)

 “Using Aunt Mary's limb for a specialty drink is quite literal...and graphic Skeeto.” (Andrew Raby)

 Bloody Mary doesn't quite cut it honey. (Ed Merkle)

 "It still doesn't excuse you being out all night without calling..." (Jeanice Birch)

I don’t date Type As, and I don’t drink Type AB negative. (Bret Haines)

I'm not that kind of girl. (Chris Sherman)

I suppose you won’t be needing a straw (Glenn Thode)

"Can I offer you a type O bloody Mary?" "No thanks, I'm only doing A Positive this month." (Jan Hirabayashi)

Illustration is my sandbox

In May of 1989 I graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design, with a degree in illustration. Thirty years ago.

Stepping right out of school and into my own studio, the work became finding clients that hired freelance illustrators. The goal was to create solid work that would that would keep clients calling. It’s been an incredible ride. I was twenty one years old when I started hustling illustration full time, now at fifty one, I still enjoy the game. I’m grateful for each call.

I love the process of creating. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more relaxed.

Here’s an image I created over the weekend. State trooper, giving guy a ticket, driver crying, hoping to dodge a ticket, the tears do not work. Publisher: LifeWay, HomeLife Magazine, Art Director: Dawn Wyse.

If I had to sum up thirty years of my career in one sentence. Illustration is my sandbox.


Give Me Back My Book!

Happy to share that readers are enjoying Give Me Back My Book! Recently the book has won two awards, notably given by votes from students and librarians. Minnesota Youth Reading Awards, Star of the North Honor. Also, Mississippi Children’s Choice Magnolia Award- PK-2nd grade category. Ethan and I had a great time collaborating on this book. We enjoyed reading the book together at the 2017 National Book Festival in Washington D.C.

Ethan Long and Travis Foster, National Book Festival, Washington D.C. 2017

Ethan Long and Travis Foster, National Book Festival, Washington D.C. 2017


A funny thing happened

Always great to hear from Dawn Wyse. Dawn is the Art Director for Home Life Magazine, she sends work for a monthly section called A Funny Thing Happened. Here are a few of the recent images I’ve created. Traditional pen and ink drawings, colored in photoshop.